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Plywood C++ Framework

Plywood is a cross-platform open source C++ framework. It was originally developed to support a game engine, but you can use it to build other kinds of software, too. For example, the website you're visiting right now runs on Plywood.

Plywood is released under the MIT License and supports Windows, Linux and macOS.

Plywood consists of three main components:

  1. A workspace designed to help you reuse code between applications.
  2. A set of built-in modules providing cross-platform I/O, containers, process creation and more.
  3. A runtime reflection and serialization system.

To get started using Plywood, follow the instructions on the Quick Start page, then try running the Hello World sample.

This documentation is still a work in progress. Some of Plywood's built-in modules have been documented and some have not. For now, you can browse what's available using the table of contents on the left.

See also the introductory blog post.

For any questions or feedback, join the discussion on the Plywood Discord server!